I have an issue with women at work. I've slept with 2, and fooled around with more and I'm hoping for more, but the one that I'm currently hooking up with gave me some drama last night.

At a work party, on the dance floor, I was making out with a girl from work. This created an immense amount of jealousy in the one I'm currently banging.

The jealous one said she doesn't want me hooking up with coworkers while I'm "with" her. I didn't really consider this yesterday, and also though making out wasn't much of a hook-up.

The jealous one started dragging the girl around the club trying to get her away from me. Even as I'm about to go back to the hotel with the new one, I get pulled aside and had a long "discussion" about this problem essentially cockblocking me. Failure to F-close because of this too as the chick disappeared back to the hotel, while I had her phone. This caused a huge farking meltdown because she "lost" her phone. Ugh. Anyway...

How do I answer this sort of request, as she's texting me about it to verify that I won't do it again. Not farking likely, but I don't want to ruin a good lay. Do I lie? It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

Side note: This chick keeps telling me that she doesn't want to date me because I seem to be enjoying the single life too much. Yet yesterday she was begging me for a relationship, if my foggy brain remembers. I don't want to date this loony bin though lol.