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Thread: Fark me keep making a huge mess of things... need some clarification

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    Default Re: Fark me keep making a huge mess of things... need some clarification

    So as of right now, the day is 2/6. I want you to reread the post you typed on the 3rd. The one post above us where you talk down about yourself. Lowering your own self esteem and even threatening to harm yourself. I want you to imagine that post you typed as a monster. An ugly troll. Not you. But those words. Those negative emotions as a monster. That is your demon you must destroy to win this girl back. That monster is what you face everyday and she got a sample of. That's the face of insecurity. We would all be liars on this website if we said we all haven't had a personal relationship with that monster. But we worked on it. Overcame it. We view our insecurities as an old friend we once knew. You're angry. Hurt. Upset. Probably even crying. So have we. But after we wipe our face we worked on ourselves. Working out, leaning a new hobby, going on dates, fwbs, read up on the game. Ect. You can dig yourself out of this hole but it's going to require you to get dirty. This forum is a how to manual, but you must put in the sweat and labor. I will tell you this. Each one of my exs have come back into my life at some point. Doesn't matter how bad the situation is. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. After a while they forget the bad times and can only help thinking of the good ones. Will you get her back tomorrow? Probably not. But if you love this girl you will put in the time and work to win her back. If she is worth your heart she is worth the wait.

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    Default Re: Fark me keep making a huge mess of things... need some clarification

    Thanks for the replies guys! Really appreciate it, I'm beginning to see the bright side of all this.

    Hey Cdharders I sent you a pm, please check it out.

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