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    Default Trying to fix things with someone special

    Here is a short background guys..

    Met this girl (Sarah) very briefly at the bar, we hit it off, number close. We start texting like mad. Ive never texted someone like this before, we absolutely hit it off and text for like 2 weeks straight. Finally get together, F close, get together two nights later, F close. Im very wild about this girl, we get along very well and i care about her more than i have other girls. Im dancing with some friends at the bar, one of the girls thinks im into her and she runs up and kisses me. I felt just a tad guilty as if i was leading this girl on, so I tell my girl (sarah) about it. I lose Sarahs trust and she blocks my phone number. Im choked and have no way of getting ahold of her.

    Three weeks later i still cant stop thinking about her and i leave a message on her voice mail. She finally texts me back and i call her and we have a breif discussion. I try to tell her that kiss was absolutely nothing and its a shame that it broke us up. I tell her that i want to see her, she says she doesnt think its a good idea. I ask her why and she says she needs sometime to think about it.

    That happened wed night and its thurs today. My plan is to call her friday and chat for a bit and see if shes free sat. Id like to juust take her on a casual date and show her a lot of fun. No talking about the bull shit and nu fucking. Just good ole fun which i think will bring her back around.

    Im looking for any advice, comments or auggestions from the PUAforums crew, happy to hear anything and all. Thanks guys,

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    Default Re: Trying to fix things with someone special

    I know its what you dont wanna hear, but I would stop talking to her freeze her out, for a couple days , just end it with letting her know that the girll kissed you and it was outta your hands, in the mean time sarge other girlsgirls

    If you really like her persue her, but not in a creepy way!
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