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    Default Relationship help for a buddy of mine

    Hey guys, any advice here is greatly appreciated. I have to get a lot of school work done, so I'm keeping this brief. My friend's relationship is on the rocks and I want to help him out if possible.

    The situation:

    - Been dating for a little over three years
    - My friend has only dated a few people
    - He loves her and really doesn't want to lose her
    - He's 23
    - She's 22

    - He is a paramedic and his girlfriend wants him to step things up to the higher paramedic job he could apply for. He's currently working casual and the other position would give him more hours

    - She says he spends too much money on weed

    - They were supposed to go on a trip together to Quebec last summer, but he got hit with an 800 dollar car bill for repairs and couldn't make it happen. The trip was important to her for them and she blames the situation partly on the money he spends on weed.

    - He's currently recovering from a jaw surgery.


    So with the above stated, I'm wondering what his best move is to get her back. He really doesn't want to lose her. Since he acts so desperate for her to stay, how does this convey to her?

    I haven't been in a committed relationship for years. I've just been casually dating and what not so I don't know how he should play this.

    Any help is appreciated,


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    Default Re: Relationship help for a buddy of mine

    Hmm maybe not spend too much money on weed? Its a hard situation thats why we are here, but if i were you i would tell him to man up and stop spending money on weed." A man wanted guns, then he gor the gun, he wanted the womwn so he took the women

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