So our high school has these Valentine grams that they sell until this friday, I'm thinking of getting one for a girl I like, but I wouldn't know what to write on it, I have just recently started reading the High School Bible thread and am in the process of changing myself and turning my life around, so for now I have no clue what to write and was wondering if someone could give me something funny/witty to write on the card. Something that will not make it blatant I like her, because that would probably kill any attraction we have between us, I know that much lol.

We hang out in a small group of friends and I've known her for about 7 months but have been too ***** on the inside to do anything. I say on the inside, because on the outside, people think I'm a player when really I SUCK. I'm good at talking to girls, making them laugh and have a good time, but suck at showing any sign of interest and doing something about it. I'm way too ***** to make a move, which is why I desperately came here for help. We see each other everyday, I make her laugh everyday, I NEG her everyday (in a friendly way) which makes her laugh more. I have never acted in a way to get friendzoned, in fact we always tease each other about how mean we are to each other.

So, what witty/funny line could I write on a Valentine gram like this, or should I send one at all (I feel like it will be obvious I like her). Since I hang out with her/my friends which are 4 girls and one guy, and I treat them all the same way I treat her, I feel like it will be obvious that I like her if I send it to only her.