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    Default Number closing girls with boyfriends

    Hey guys,

    So this morning on the way to my university I was talking to a girl on the bus that was pretty cute and got her number. She's also a business student and we talked about classes, her plans to move to Toronto after, how we're both from almost the same home town etc. Before we both got off the bus at the university, I handed her my phone with her name in it (what I always do.. so smooth ) and told her we'll hang out sometime.

    She put her number in my phone and told me to text her so she had my number. All good. We're texting right now and I just found out that not only does she have a boyfriend, but she lives with him. She mentioned this in text when I asked her about her roommates. She didn't blatantly say btw I have a boyfriend and we live together. I said that for a hang out we're going to do laser tag and she agreed. But a few messages later she said that she doubts she'd have the time to chill because of work and school (not a lot of free time).

    Now, I know that if a girl really wants to see someone, she'll make time. She said she basically works full time and also has 5 courses. So my question is, why did she give me her number in the first place? Is it because I didn't verbally state that I was attracted to her? Did she think I wanted to just be friends? I thought I delivered with my body language and sub communications that I was attracted to her.

    I've number closed asian girls to later find out they have boyfriends too.

    I welcome all feedback. Lay it on me.

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    Default Re: Number closing girls with boyfriends

    It's hard to tell for sure, but you DID build a lot of rapport & comfort by talking about classes & future plans.

    That however, is not building attraction.
    So, it's possible you may be teetering on the edge of the friend zone already.

    My suggestion would be to start flirting immediately, in order to make your intentions & level of interest known, so that she understands you're not looking for "just friends" here.

    It's not too late, but I wouldn't jack around with so much fluff talk from this point on.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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