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Thread: Texting after day 2

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    Default Texting after day 2

    I've known this girl for a long time, unlike most girls I went out of my way to be complete gentleman in every way. She's the kind of girl guys constantly go crazy over. I took her on more of an adventurous date than I usually try for. I took her to a lake close to town that had frozen over, and waltzed with her over the frozen water. Then I pretended to slip, so we would both fall down close to eachother, and went for a kiss while she was close to me on the ground. Then held her hand and led her back to my truck. Except my truck wouldn't move, as the transmission out of nowhere completely stopped working. We were waiting for my truck to get towed for two hours chatting in the warmth of my truck. I walked her back to her dorm after we made it back, and promised I would make it up to her, and she agreed. Then kissed each other goodnight. I was curious for advice on when I should have texted her after? How long should I have waited? As a disclaimer, I put myself in her phone as prince charming when we first exchanged numbers. So, we occasionally refer to each other as prince charming, or princess kerr respectively.

    I texted her the next afternoon:

    Me: Did princess kerr end up getting the sniffles :P

    Her: Throat just hurts a lil bit

    Me: Too bad, I figured out how I can make it up to you though!

    Her: How's that?

    Me: Hmmm its a secret... Pick wed, thurs, or next monday!

    Her: Hmmm probably Monday, but I'll have to check after I'm back from the gym.

    Me: Hah cant believe you actually made it to the gym! for someone who was complaining about studying all night! :P
    (We always argue about the gym, and she spent the date constantly worried about one of her tests coming up)

    Her: Can't miss a workout, and dont worry its only a quiz!

    Me: Oh so you lied to me all night about your exam! Dont you know where liars go

    Her: Nooooo I was worried cause I missed class duhhhhh!

    Me: Hah truant too, you're on a roll princess! Why are you skipping classes?

    The next day I texted her, cause I thought maybe I teased her a lil too much cause she didnt respond to that last one. I waited over 24 hours...

    Me: Jk only teasing ... Did you knock em' dead at your interview?
    (she told me she had an interview that day)

    Her: what interview!?

    Me: The one you had with the university! Ok is this weird, the guy next to me in the locker room has been staring at his butt for like 20 mins!
    (was trying to be humorous about something going on around me)

    Sometimes she would reply immediately or she would take a while. But, I was the same way texting her.
    I sent that last one later one in the night, but havent received a response. What should I do? I am afraid to text again, but she hasn't responded in almost a day. I am supposed to take her out again on monday, but I think she will blow it off if we don't maintain an interesting conversation until then? Overall idk what to do at this point!

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    Default Re: Texting after day 2

    Everything was fine until you started grilling her dude, knock it off with that shit.

    She's annoyed. Plain and simple. Give it a day or 2 of NC, then send a playful, short and light text. No more accusing her of lying, asking why she's skipping classes etc. It's too early in the relationship with her to be acting that way. Also don't ask so many questions, you are showing too much interest in what she's doing etc.

    All I got right now.

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    Default Re: Texting after day 2

    Definitely too much "push" & no pull.
    You'll come off as just being cocky, if you don't calibrate & balance that.

    A girl usually loves to be razzed & teased a bit... but you have to mix in some "sweet" with the "sour".

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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