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    Default How Do I Avoid Thirst Traps or Flakey IOIís?

    I just started frequenting this new sexy upscale restaurant and lounge that my friend owns in my city. During my first visit a hot Latin hb10 bartender entered the kitchen while I was speaking with my friend the owner. She placed her self directly in front of me and with a big wide-eyed smile she said, "hello how are you". I responded with a warm smile and hello. Every employee in the kitchen turned to supplicating little boys when she left. Everyone bragged about how they couldn't wait to shove their noses up her ass to give her anything she wanted just for a chance to smell her farts. Smfh... Then one guy said, "Did you see her ass.. Did you see the size of her perky tits, I know sheís married but I donít care I still want her."

    On my second visit I ordered a drink and appetizers at the bar. I already understood that the hb10 bartender was married so I wasn't even interested in flirting. Instead I started a conversation with anther gorgeous bartender who shared stories about upcoming party events and some personal fluff. After my meal I got up to go to the restroom. On my way out of the restroom the first Latin hb10 is right there in the hallway posing in thin leggings and loose v-neck t-shirt. She bent over slowly five times just to tie her shoe but all I saw was huge tan Double D's bouncing around in her shirt. Her shirt was so loose I could almost see nipple. Afterwards she very slowly grabs her leggings from the back and pulls them up tightly enough to make her butt bounce and pre twerk. My response was "wow" but I kept walking and she replied "Thaaank youu". After another drink I left the bar.

    That same weekend my friend the owner invited me to the restaurant for a party. Everyone was having a great time and before I knew it the time was 3 am. Everyone was peeling out of the bar and the only people left was my friend, the two bartenders and myself. We all shared shots and deserts before closing and the Latin hb10 starts flirting and showing ioi's like crazy. We get into good conversation about her native country and etc. Sheís bending over constantly and looking back at me. She's pulling at her shirt to show her breast cleavage. Meanwhile Iím wondering why she never wears her wedding ring. Then she pulls out a lollipop and starts doing the sucking gestures in my direction and Iím thinking this is getting bad I better leave. Just when I was about to go she asked to see my phone because it was similar to hers. I asked what was the situation with her and her man and she said they were kind of living together but separated. So with the influence of a few drinks and her subliminal strip tease I asked her for paper to write my phone number for her just in case. Her reaction was "yeeeesssss" as if she really wanted to say please give me your number already. But when I gave the phone number to her she looked at the number and said she couldn't call me because of her relationship. She then tore up the number with disgust and threw it in the trash.

    How do we avoid Thirst Traps or Flakey IOIís?
    "Be Too Cool, You're Gonna Lose"

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    Default Re: How Do I Avoid Thirst Traps or Flakey IOIís?

    Ever read the bro code? The Hot vs Crazy graph man, sounds like she's right at the peak of it. Sounds likes she gets her kicks from leading men on and getting them to want her so she can reject them. You countered that by playing the uninterested frame.

    The reason you failed was when you gave her your number, that put the ball in her side of court, and she immediately took the opportunity to brush you off. I hope you stayed alpha after that.

    You should of given her your phone: if she puts her number in then your golden, if she just plays with it but gives it back oh well, and if she runs away with it tell her you didn't know you were back in elementary school.

    It was a slight mistake, you have a chance to "get back" at her still. It could end up in a lay if you played your cards right.

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