OK, so long story short, I had a chance with literally the only hot (8 or above) girl I've known that is a virgin that is past the age of 17, I like the idea of knowing I'm the only one whos been in my girl. Also, because I just love the idea of going around spreading the irony that I used to be in a lot of trouble with the law when I was younger, the fact that shes the county attorneys daughter turns me on.

Well, heres the issue, she had a long term (2 years) boyfriend that she broke up with literally the same day I broke up with my long term ex. Well about 2 weeks after it is when we were talking and she showed huge IOI's like asking about what kind of girls I like and all that jazz. We did go on a lunch date (we both go to school and work together, but I really only see her at work) which I think went bad because I didn't build really any rapport, just talked about work and school. Later I asked her to the movies which she said yea but always said she was busy so I went AFC and told her I want to be romantically involved with her and asked her if she felt the same (sadly I used those words, this was before I found the PUA community) so of course she said no and there ya be.

That was about 2 months ago and since then we don't really encounter each other but when we do they are fond interactions and I even getting in spills of laughter, but she has a boyfriend now. Now, I don't think he'll get anywhere sexually with her because hes a super nerd (which shes a band geek herself) who acts weird and is not on my level of attractiveness. So when thats over, if I'm still single, I jump into the scene. So really how do I know when its safe to game a girl again after you fucked up the first try and give it time? Also, I might consider using BF destroyer but I really haven't noticed any emotional instability I could exploit and I don't think bringing up his lack of attractiveness would work, so what all could I use in a boyfriend destroyer? Can I really only exploit emotional faults or could I also take advantage of physical ones?