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Thread: "I wouldn't say you're a nice guy" - meaning?

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    Default Re: "I wouldn't say you're a nice guy" - meaning?

    Well that's nice to hear from your guys. So let's close up this thread with all the info from the original *dance* night. I'll try to post (and paraphrase) as much as I can remember. These were fun conversations!

    Scene : I'm dancing with her, she's talking about her ex (who lived in South korea. And no, she's not Korean. 5'9'' blue eyed blondie from midwest. nice 8.3)

    Her : I'm always SFS
    Me : SFS ?
    Her : Sexually frustrated S_name. That's what they called me freshman year (we're both seniors now)
    Me : I raise her left hand - "Really, let me see"
    Her : "No not that one" - shows me the right hand
    Me : "So this hand's been pretty busy"
    Her : "yup. It's been tiring"
    Me : "you could've had some help. could've gotten a dildo"
    Her : big laughs

    But this was completely insane. I don't remember how we got to this point, but she started to talk about her body saying "I'm good" (referring to her body of course)

    Me : "Really ?"
    Her : "Oh I'm good" - gesturing towards her body
    Me " "I'm not sure about that"
    Nice guy friend pops in - "Talking about your body?"
    Her : "He (me) thinks I'm not in good shape"
    Me : "Well I mean ... I guess you're decent"
    Her " Oh .....Oh I guess she's alright. she's decent" - mocking me
    Nice guy friend : "There you go he agrees"
    Me : "But decent is not the same as good"
    Her : makes a big shocked face and playfully slaps me 3 F'N times

    So I snatched the beer bottle that was literally ON her lips, and placed it on the side. And then basically Pulled her hard from her waist and dragged her.
    Me : "that's it. come here. you're dancing with me" (we had just stopped dancing from before)

    Somewhere in the middle of the dance, she starts to qualify herself to me beyond my dreams could ever imagine.

    Her : "Believe me....I'm good" (she NOT talking about her body now. Now she's referring to f.u.c.k.i.n.g)
    Me : "Really"
    Her : "ha! yeah. I'm good in the bed"
    Me : "ok"
    Her : "No really kye! I've been called good from guys"
    "or at least I like to think I' am (smiles)"

    As soon as the song finished, I pretty much threw her away from me and said -

    Me : "That's it. No more dancing for you"
    Her : "F.U.C.K you kye" (I just lol'd and left about 5 minutes after that)

    Anyway, I can't reproduce everything because I don't remember all of it. But believe me guys, she made a real effort to convince me that she was good in the bed.
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