Went out a couple times.
I tried setting up a 3rd date 3 times, but she was busy all 3 times.

Feb 8: I told her to let me know when she was free, and left it at that.
Her response was that she had a friend from another country visiting, but hopefully we could make something work this week. I start a mini freeze out.

Feb 9: Next night she randomly texts me at 11pm telling me to have a nice day tomorrow. I say "Thanks" and she replies with a smiley.

Feb 12: Yesterday I saw her, we said hi but I was a little bit cold/distant. Later last night she texts me;

* I changed some of the wording because I fear googling *
Her: r u madddd @ me !
rickydz: y would I be mad at u
Her: Idk.. That's y I'm asking
rickydz: Well what makes u think that
Her: Youuuu do
No reply from me

Our 2 dates went well, she has shown a lot of IOI's tbh. no f-close because this girl is really conservative. I have no reason to believe she's lying about being busy, but she didn't offer an alternative day any of those times I asked her out.
Asking her out a 4th time just seems like a really AFC thing to do, which is why I told her to let me know when she's free, which she has yet to do.

Where to go from here? I understand the point of freezing out but I feel like if I take it too long, this girl will assume I'm not interested anymore and won't take any action because she's a little inexperienced and shy.