Guys, I need some help... My closing suck, or maybe timing sucks...

Here is what I do ..

Talk to a girl, make a few jokes about her hair, leave the girl, go talk to other girls. I go back, move here to a new location in the bar, talk, a couple of joke on her dress, leave her, get a drink, talk to some more girls, get back to her, take her to another bar, less noise, she starts to talk about nothing that I care about. I tell her I am going to kiss her, and dive in, now we are tongue wrestling .. I say let's get back to my place, she can't, I try again, no go, she gives me her number, thanks me for the night, and she is gone.

I go back to the bar, I see a 10, I approach, and as soon as I start to talk to her, her friend a 5 comes over, :Who the fark is this?" I reply, "I am No farking Body, you don't even see me" (Pass SHit Test) the 5 Latches on to me, 10 is in another Zip code by now .. Oh well, a low hanging fruit, and I needs me some sugar. I start listening to the shit this chick is spewing about how much her friends hate her, she is hugging me the entire time, I don't do a very good job at Push/Pull. So after 8 minutes of her constant yapping, I pull her into another section of the bar, away from her friends, and we start to kiss, 2 minute, she is done, and she runs away, I kinda try to get her to stay, but I gave up on her very easily .. I never see her again .. Its ok!

This is the part that I am having the most trouble..
I have always been a weak closer, I don't know , or don't have a clear method of closing.

What do you do? what can I read to improve my closing? When should I close? what has to happen, for the girl to want to devour me? .. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks In advance..