Hey guys, I need some advices.
I really hate facebook in the field of picking up girls. Of course I know that it can be a good tool, but I just don't like it. You can't play solid games like when you text or call a girl - you always see when the HB is only, conversations could become boring, because it's not like calling her, when you can easily hang up after 5-10 minutes. But in his case I need to upgrade my facebook game.

There's a girl who I usually see in my university, in 2 seminars, that I am attending. 2 weeks ago I somehow ended up sitting next to her, we had a few words, I asked her name too. I decided to hit up on her. In the last 2 weeks I just wasn't able to have a conversation with her, but today was the day. She sat not far from me and I approached her after the class ended. I choosed the indirect way: I missed the seminar in Monday and I asked her if she had some note from that class. I teased her a bit how I saw her sitting there alone in this class.

So, I asked her number, calling her cute, saying Ok, I like having number of cute girls in my phone, but tell me your full name so I could add you on facebook where you can send me your notes. She told me her full name, we high fived, and I left.

So, I have her number and I can add her on facebook now. I was wondering, maybe I should add her first, game her a bit, maybe actually ask for the notes (cause I really need it lol) - and in favour, call her out for a coffee. Is it too much of a cliché? I usually closing girls during night game, and I know how to behave in those situation, but this is a new field for me.
Can you guys tell me some facebook game, how to have a fun conversation, full of DHV spikes on facebook?