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    Default Consistency and being crippled by fear

    So I was with a wing yesterday at this suburban cafe in Bombay(It has a pub like ambiance with drinks and music but sans a dance floor). The bloke is a lifecoach frm NYC and his game is at an entirely different level altogether.

    Now, the deal with me is that I have very little trouble with daygame approaches, yet so far. They usually go well and I have my shit handled there (I have pretty much been using the bombshell method inadvertently).

    I could understand that it was only a different environment but I completely froze up and this to a degree that was embarrassing. The women were the same girls that I see in the day time with tons of make-up and in the dimly lit ambience they looked even more gorgeous.

    I felt like a puppy lost in the woods with nowhere to go. I had no game-plan because a pub game is high-energy and I don't seem to invest that much.It was just a shitty day and I was caught up in my head. Even in this instance where this girl was talking to me, I had to lean in since it was too loud and my voice isn't nearly loud enough. Everything was too fucking loud.

    ...the nyc lifecoach spoke to everyone including the bartender, the people attending and he opened mixed sets with aplomb (social proof)....He seems to have this genuine interest in people which I lack.

    So what can I do to tweak my persona and work it out in a club environment? How can I adapt?

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    Default Re: Consistency and being crippled by fear

    You can try speaking louder and/or being closer to the girl in general - being more expressive in your language and body language will help with the noise level if your verbals aren't hitting your body language will make up for that short fall.
    Looking for new wings in LA let me know if you want to sarge together.

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