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    Question Aftercare after sex with best friend

    Last weekend was the first time since pickup I actually got laid, it happend with a girl and we have been friends for years. This year I pulled myself out of her friendzone. Last time I got laid was before I started pu, with my girlfriend at the time.

    I knew going to happen when she first asked me Saturday if I was home tonight when we actually would be meeting Sunday, then she made her point more clear by texing that she was really looking forward to seeing me again. I called her, she asked can I stay for the night because I have to be in your town next day, so I used an excuse she used on me before told her it's ok but you have to be a lesbian or I don't trust it.

    That night we had a few drinks in the bar, watched a movie halfway, kissed, undressed and went to bed. I was not in the best shape because of the drinks and I guess she was a bit nervous as well. Now I am now unsure of how she feels about it and how to take care of it.

    I do not really have experience with after care. She is an ambitious girl working hard, I'm not sure what she's expecting now. Do you still use the, "Let's meet and have fun, but we are not going to have sex" mentality, or is it ok to let her know I want to make her my cowgirl next time. Is she now expecting some extra attention, funny texting and set a new date quickly, or is it ok to not text her for a few days because I'm a busy guy as well and set a new date later?

    Now I'm really overthinking shit, so it would be nice to have some tips for aftercare.

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    Default Re: Aftercare after sex with best friend

    Good job getting laid. See? This stuff does work!

    Aftercare? I usually only hear that term connected to bdsm but I'm going to guess that's not what you mean.

    Forget what she 'expects' for a second. What do you want?

    Do you want her to be your girlfriend?
    Don't force it, let the relationship grow naturally (or not at all). Spend more time with her, go on dates, live happily ever after.

    Do you want her to be a booty call?
    Mention that it was nice, you two should do it again sometime, and then back off for a while. See other girls, don't get attached.

    Do you want back into the friendzone?
    I don't know. Look at all the pua material you know and do the opposite. Or something.

    Regardless of which path you follow
    I don't see the point in continuing the whole 'pretending to be friends' charade... it's cool for relaxing her before you do the deed, but she knows damn well that you had sex now. Should you send funny texts? Sure if you want. Just relax though, the bigger point is to have fun and be self-amused. If you think of something funny to say then say it, but there is no rule that you have to perform and entertain her after sex. That's slipping back into chodeville.

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