Well I met an girl on fb We have been friends on facebook for a 3 or 4 months now and the only contact has been a nice low investment birthday message I sent her last week and thanked me for that . We have never met in real life and I was looking for an opportunity to talk to her According to her fb status she is in a relationship..Nothin g special till last night anyway.

Last night at 23.45 pm she put in her status that she had a problem with her computer and was looking for help.Guys started to reply her. I googled the problem and sent her a brief message on fb on how to solve that. Any way taking advanced of her problem we started chatting initially giving her advices on how to solve. Since it was not possible to continue chat via fb mobile messenger we exchanged skype contacts ,continued chatting on skype and during the interaction,we chatted also about 2-3 other things. She thanked me and managed to number closer and fix a date for tonight at 22.00 pm (saying her at 22.03...). We were chatting helping on her problem till 5.00 am or so.....we never talk via voice but only chat...

Anyway while I was preparing myself to go to pick her up at 22.00 pm she texted me on fb at 21.05 pm saying

'' I am going disappoint you because something happened to me and have to cancel our meeting tonight .I promise to make it up soon.''

I got a bit furious and after a cold thought I avoided the phone call. I did not reply her soon and only replied her with a text at 21.50 saying.

"I just got your message and was going to be at our meeting point in 5 minutes(I was at home actually). I hope nothing serious happened to you. Call me again and we will see how can we arrange our next meeting according to my program. Of course you will have to buy the drinks!''

1) Yes she flaked me but I do not know if something really happened to her..

2)How was my response to her ?


3) How can I continue with her?

Note we have a common friend and when I her to arrange for a meeting she said was going to look for that not giving me many hope she is going to be able to manage it.