Hey Guys, I just came home from the bar abit tipsy, but I just had to write about tonight before I wake up forgetting. I rarely go to the bar, but I started going to the bar with the objective of getting a girl to come home with me. I started out getting numbers, then I noticed all that work playing guess who.. Kind of got annoying. So tonight, I met this HB8 she was dancing with her friends.. But we both caught eye contact and I just felt I had to approach her.
I dont remember my opener, but it worked I got her attention she told me that she was taking Nursing at the local university.. So I noticed she was having a hard time hearing me, so I told her lets go get a drink.. I didnt want buy her a drink but I knew it was the only way to continue this conversation without the loud distraction.
I asked her how her schedule was since she was doing Nursing, she told me so I suggested if she wanted to grab a drink sometime this week. She agree, with her number ftw..
She then told me that most guys are assholes and that shes a talker, so she asked me what do i consider myself a talker or a kisser..
I responded with a little bit of both, then we ended up kissing for about 5 seconds.

However, I was hoping to head out or get some more time with her.. So she can get comfortable but, she wanted to dance and she ended up dancing with her friends.

What did I do wrong, and how this is my third time going to the bar..
I only got 2 numbers.. What do you guys think (sorry for my grammar im a bit drunk and tired)