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    Default Need help for picking up at the gym (2)

    Hi guys,

    I go to a gym which has group fitness classes, every day at 7am. There are some HBs there that I would like to pickup! I tried to pick up one of them but I failed misetabley. The details are in this post.

    By the way there is this HB8 in this gym who normally works out there at 6am. I went to the gym at 6am a couple of times and tried to talk to her but she gave me a cold shoulder. Then I gave up and kept going to the gym at 7am, but every time I stumbled to her I gave her a "I want to fark you" look, till I noticed she briefly looked at me too. Last Friday morning when I was waiting for the 6am class to finish, I kept checking her, and I think she knew it. Then when she finished and she was passing me she gave me a big smile and said hi. I did the same and said "Gee you are so sweaty. And she said with a big smile that "yes it's so difficult.. have a good day..bye". I like to think that this means that she has lowered her bitch shield and is willing to give me a chance to game her. Am I correct?

    If I am correct, then what should I do to pick her up? I am afraid that if I don't express my intentions she would think I don't have the guts and so lose her interest. Like just what happened before with the other HB. Shall I go up to her and approach her directly and ask for her number? Please help

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    Default Re: Need help for picking up at the gym (2)

    As we all know, the gym is a very private place. So I think you've done a great job so far in getting the smile, but her unwillingness to continue the conversation means that while you've made a hole, you're not fully through her shield quite yet.

    I'd suggest you keep chipping away at it and try escalating; ask her name on the next interaction, perhaps ask an open-ended question that can also demonstrate higher value (you'll need to be efficient in this situation as there won't be many opportunities to interact), something like...

    "You know, I don't see many people like you coming into the gym this early... am I right in guessing you have an important job like myself?"
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