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Thread: beliefs and principles

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    Default beliefs and principles

    I am reading different books and watching many videos. I realize that it is the most effective to possess some beliefs and follow some principles rather than memorizing so many techniques. The beliefs and principles I can think of are as follows: Please feel free to comment. Feel free to add yours.
    1. Be genuinely interested in women. You don't have to be genuinely interested in all women, but you should be genuinely interested in beautiful women. Some guys may say that he may not be interested in beautiful girls, but it is highly likely that they don't have the balls to interact with a beautiful girl, they don't think that they deserve a beautiful girl, they don't think they are worth her.

    2. Girls also always want to have sex. Because of social programming or social conditioning or socialization, rare girls overtly show that they always want to have sex, because they don't want to be considered/viewed as slutty. This society puts a lot of pressure on girls' sexuality,they can't overtly demonstrate their sexuality.

    3. Don't feel shame on your sexuality. If you are sexually interested in a girl and want to sleep with her, don't feel shame about it, and you don't need to cover/hide it. Why you feel shame on your sexuality is that you buy into the social conditioning or socialization. You should not fear that a girl will find that you are sexually interested in you and therefore despise you, she will not. Quite on the contrary, she will be happy to know that, because it is a compliment to her. However, when you show your sexual interest in her, you should not let her feel that she is slutty. You know the social pressure she faces as a girl, and you should help her avoid feeling slutty.

    4. Feel ease and comfortable when you approach a girl, talk to a girl, are with a girl.
    When you approach a girl, you know that you are sexually interested in her, you want to sleep with her, you may just want a one-night stand or you want a girlfriend, no matter what it is, don't feel shame on your intent. When you touch a girl, you know that you are sexually interested in her, your touching conveys your sexual interest in her, feel OK with it, feel OK with your sexuality. Also be in the understanding that girls always want sex.(She may not necessarily have sex with you, but she still wants sex. That's what you have to realize)
    What you say and what you do is not important, but no matter what you say and what you do, you should feel comfortable, feel at ease. You don't need to worry about if she feels comfortable or uncomfortable,as long as you feel comfortable and feel at ease, she will feel comfortable, because it is an interaction, one side in an interaction will influence the other, as long as you don't let her discomfort influence you and you persistently feel comfortable, sooner or later she will be influenced by you and feel comfortable.

    As long as you feel comfortable/at ease and you genuinely interested in her, joking, bantering, teasing will come out naturally. It is not that joking/bantering/teasing makes her feel comfortable, it is that only when you are comfortable are you able to joke, banter and tease her, she feels comfortable because you feel comfortable, not because you are joking with her, bantering or teasing her. Joking, bantering and teasing is an indication of your being comfortable. If you nervously joke with her, banter with her, tease her, she won't feel comfortable.

    5. All girls, most of the time, want to be approached by men, but they want to be approached in a way that they feel comfortable with.

    6. Teasing, bantering, accusing is to convey your interest in her, not something else, not to put her down, not to insult her, not to humiliate her, not to show that you are more clever than her, not being rude to her.

    To be continued.

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    Default Re: beliefs and principles

    Hey Jack, there's some really good stuff in there but there's a couple of things that I'd amend if I were you .

    1. Change that to be interested in people. If your interested in everyone will be interested in you. If you're only interested in beautiful women, they'll know that your only interested in their looks - which paints a negative picture of you being shallow. The mentality that you portray towards them should always be 'looks are common'. Mystery (Founder of Mystery Method) always used to pose the question, "Sure your good looking but, what else do you have going for you?" Not saying you should copy everything about Erik hahaha, but in this case for sure.

    2. Completely true mate.

    3. I think this can be broadened into the philosophy of being comfortable with yourself. Your sexuality is a part of you. Thereby, if anyone should be accepting of it it's you. You're your own boss and in my experience, the more you know about yourself the more successful you are with women. Be fun, friendly and comfortable with your surroundings. You're an Alpha. The leader of men. Act like it

    4. Same topic as 3, really. Think about it - when you approach a girl, why should you be nervous? The only logical reason I can think of is that you might want something, and she might not give it to you. Do you really want to approach a complete stranger with that mentality? Hell no! You're not selling anything here! So be comfortable around her. She doesn't bite. Chances are she's more afraid of you than you are of her . You are bigger after all.

    5. This is the exact same as 2. All girls that are looking for sex want to be approached by men. All girls who are looking to meet new people want to be approached by men. If they like attention they probably want to be approached by men. If they have a boyfriend, aren't looking for sex currently, are a lesbian or a strong independent black woman who don't need no man or nothing - that's when they probably DON'T want to be approached by guys.

    6. This can be better expressed as, 'have respect for women'.

    There you go! Nice thread mate. It's probably not as comprehensive a guide as you think, but it's definitely a good set of values to have going into any situation of your life. By far, number 3 is the most important.

    Keep up the good posts!

    If you walk in knowing that you're THE MAN, then you've already won the game.

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