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    Default Number close with no mobile

    Hi guys,

    I have an experience and thought maybe I had to share it with you. I normally don't manage to number close girls (and God knows why). Today my mobile got flat and turned off. Then at lunch time I went out and approached a blonde English girl, then I told her that I wanted to get her number but my mobile was flat. And then she happily sent me a text!

    Likewise in the afternoon I approached another girl and again I said that I wanted her number but my mobile was dead so I got her to send me a message. I actually used it to make her laugh by saying that "This morning my mobile was 100% charged but I got bored in a meeting and made my mobile go flat in 2 hours". (something along those lines).

    So I want to say that not having a mobile must not be a blocker. I know actually may use this because it's apparently working for me!

    Now a question:

    One of the girls (the English blonde) did not respond to my text. I sent a canned first text message which normally gets a reply. What can I do to make her reply?


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    Default Re: Number close with no mobile

    What can I do to make her reply?
    you can't force someone to reply. not every fish in the pond is going to take the bait and bite your hook.

    some things are out of your control. if she doesn't replie, you can't make her.

    sure you can try another text, but don't be disappointed when someone isn't as interested in you as you are in them.
    she could have another guy on the line, she could have died yesterday for all you know. there's an infinite number of reasons she could have for not replying.

    don't think about it too much, just move on and get more numbers

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