Hey guys, Im new to the PUA scene as well as the forum. Im a 23 year old amateur at the moment and im determined at this point in my life to make a drastic change....I want to become a better "MAN". I have gone out sarging every night this week trying openers and such that I read from the game or the mystery method. I found some had already been used on girls and they saw right through it. I decided if I was going to be any kind of success at this that I needed to take the core of these openers and combine them with some of my own creativity.

I developed my own opener that I have found works amazing, almost 90% of the time. I feel like with a bit of critique, this one could have some HUGE potential.

I call it "The Sticky number opener" adaption of lint opener

Now as for the use of the number I think some potential could arise out of it being an actual number (potentially a wings).

I havent field tested this on a 2 or 3 set so some ideas and tips would be great for that!

Items required (small post it notes with a number on it and "call me " written on them.

Step 1 - Approach a target and gently touch their back and pretend to peel off this sticky note.

Step 2 - The target turns to face you and will likely ask what your doing or what is that?

Step 3 - Ask the target if they were just talking to a guy dressed in "so and so or something ridiculous". the response is no.

Step 4 - Explain that this guy just put this on you and come in close to share it with the target. read it out loud laughingly

Step 5 - Throw a neg at her like "Its kinda sad that this is how guys attempt to pick you up" or simply "is this how guys normally hit on you"

From here I usually try to convince them we should together call the number for fun.

Im still an amateur so mind you im having a hard time figuring out how to take this into some further rapport or into an attraction phase.

Please guys any tips or ideas that you think I could adapt from this would be awesome and greatly appreciated!

If anyone is interested who lives In the GTA or Hamilton area, id love the opportunity to sarge or attend a workshop to further develop my pua abilities.