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    Default How to respond to a HB10 on POF?..... god help me :)

    So after setting up a new profile on POF after reading the thread about profile names, who'd of thought Vidar would be a bad name on a dating site (probably you guys but certainly not me lol) my new name seems to be having a bit more success in getting messages...

    Okay mostly from girls I wouldn't date for one reason or another but after sending a cheesy but funny message to a HB10 she's responded and actually seems to be engaging as far as I can tell...

    The conversation so far is this....

    ME: Cheesy I know but I hope you don't work with geriatric men, probably give them a heart attack! ha ha

    HER: Haha paediatrics x

    ME: Oh cool.... My old mam and sister where/are Children's nurses....

    Did you always want to be a paediatric nurse?

    HER: Are they. Yeah as long back as I can remember x

    ME: I thought about becoming a mental health nurse for a while but my friend who is one got face raped by a patient and hasn't quite recovered to this day ha ha, besides I think I'd be a bit squeamish when it came to wiping bums :P

    I'm better with technical stuff anyway, hoping to eventually do a computer science degree, I know I know I'm such a nerd but I'm awesome to know if your computer, phone or tablet breaks...

    How many kids have you got if you don't mind me asking?

    HER: Face raped, y am i laughing, it it my nurses humor?? So your handy to kno then. ha iv got 2 girls 19 an 16. X

    I'm genuinely not sure if she actually finds me funny or is being sarcastic.... And although she is responding does it sound like I'm doing things right or am I on the path to blowing it?

    How should I respond?

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Default Re: How to respond to a HB10 on POF?..... god help me :)

    Pretty good to me. I would say maybe a bit try hard with the computer nerd line. Also try to shorten your messages. Or at least space out what you say. Lengthens the convo.

    Basically what you want to try to do is ask her open ended but interesting questions. One subject I like to talk about is travel, so I'll ask something like "If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?" And then follow up with whatever her answer is, maybe role play something! Any way, she'll start talking about herself, and subconsciously will be qualifying herself to you, and therefore become attracted. Make sense? Your previous questions are fine though.

    Also, try to give as little info as you can about yourself. It's more mysterious. And she'll want to know more later and invest more time. More investment leads to the sunk cost trap, which means she'll like you more just because she is investing in you.

    But yeah I would say you're doing a pretty good job. Just don't let her looks get to you. She's not better than you. She doesn't deserve to be on a pedestal. Think of it as you're only looking to see her personality, and talk about things you genuinely want to know.

    Good Luck buddy

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