This girl I used to bang called me last night kinda drunk. We talked and shit then she started to talk about this dude she's talking to and was asking if she's getting played.
She's said "I don't know why I'm telling you this, I mean I know your a beast and have been with all kinds of bitches, but I don't know who else to talk to."

I was thinking, how about your fucking girlfriends?

She asked me one time how many girls Ive been with so I told her. I never brought it up or bragged about it.
Obsiously trying to make me jealous. I just took a neutral position and told her that she's not as dumb as she's pretending to be, and we both know that she'll know when she's being played. So we hung up And this is when the conversation moves to texting, and gets kinda funny.


Me: fuck being sad! When I'm sad. I stop being sad and be awesome instead! Lol

Her: I'm not sad I just don't like feeling lonely! He's gonna send the pics lol ("he" being this guy that let's us copy his homework)

Me: Nobody does! What's your biggest fear in the world?

Her: Idk lol. I think being alone I don't like it I get real sad

Me: Me Same same! Lol (inside joke)

Her: Yes asl lol (responding to joke)

Her :I was hanging out with him on Saturday and he was so sweet at first we were watching some show than we went upstairs to lay down and take a nap but we were just cuddling and he was just caressing my arms idk it was sweet we didn't do anything

Me: Sounds sweet. Lol

Her: It was he was kissing my arms idk I was just like awww lol

Me: sounds dreamy lol

Her: Stop being a DICK!! Don't be mad cuz he doing it lol jk

Me: What? I'm serious, I can't wait to find a man like that!!

Her: Well don't sounds so dumb about girl come on seriously loosen up! Your so up tight lol...

Me: who said that?

After I asked "who said that" she called me and we talked for a while.

How do you think it was handled?