Last week I begin a convo with a legit HB9.5 on okcupid. We exchanged a few messages my last message suggested we meet up for drinks. Her response was "sounds like a good plan. hit me up sometime xxx-xxx-xxxx" She sent that thursday at 2am. I was surprised she just gave me her number without me asking considering she mentioned she hasn't met anyone off OKC yet.

I texted her friday, she responded well and texted me again a few hours later saying she isn't doing anything crazy that night because she is actually in Vegas with her girls. I didn't respond to this message because I didn't see it till the next day (Saturday) and I thought it would come off creepy if I kept texting her while she was out of town in Vegas.

Now its Monday and I feel I should text her something with the intention of setting up a date. I was thinking of sending her this:
"How was the Vegas trip... Any male stripper shows? Kink parties? Midget tossing contests? "
Then after she responses, trying to set a date up during this week. She has been laughing at all of my texts/messages up to this point. Does this seem like a good idea? And was it okay not to text her over the weekend after she mentioned she was in Vegas for the weekend with her girlfriends?