Break up date - February 19, 2014.
She has 2 year old son, not mine, dad not in picture.
She is in school for 6 more months and became totally dependent on me while we were together (I'm financially sound).
after break up I rented her an apartment for 6 months and she still drives my 2nd car - I pay for all this....mainly because of the child.
I agreed to help her with some of her credit card debt after we broke up.
Right after break up she IMMEDIATELY entered a serious rebound relationship with another guy.
2 weeks ago we went on trip together to meet her family which we had previously planned and the entire time she acted as though we were together - sex, referring to me as her son's "dada", etc.
After we got back back I initiating no contact.
She got upset as predicted.

I have concerns about crossing the line of no contact and just being a jerk. I can pay her apartment and let her keep my truck for 6 months without needing to talk to her but if I completely ignore her she is going to be offended about the other bills I offered to help her with.

While I think I answered my own question just now, with these facts do I blow her off even if she is requesting help with bills? Her mail still comes to my house too so I can't contact her to tell her to change her address in the no contact phase nor can I give her her mail. I do have a key to her apartment (its in my name) so I could drop her stuff off but thats kind of "creepy-stalker". Im just concerned about no contact turning into childish jerk-like behavior.

Any help is appreciated!