So me and this girl both like eachother on Tinder(Similar to POF) which allowed us to msg eachother. She seems to be into intellectual humor. So im lookin for a short, clever way to number close or meetup. She lives 2 miles away according to the app. Thought about one more exchange, possibly say something about a pic. Not much to work with tho, except a pic of her dressed like pickachu, im asumin ng for Halloween. Help me out.

Me: You playing the Tinder drinking game?

Her: Don't know what that is

Me: It's where you LIKE hot people, then have a drink each time they message you. If so, take two shots ...

Her: If so I'd be wasted everyday for looking in the mirror

Me: Lmao, clever...must be the alcohol talkin..

Her: Nope just my sober clever self

Possibly, "Ok Pickachu, lets meetup for coffee and get one of those vanilla bullshit things, txt me xxx..... a time thats good for you."...or the same but without implying that she txt me, and just setup the meetup via tinder.