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    Default Two month dry spot, getting nowhere

    Hey guys. I'm from Adelaide in Australia.

    This is the last place I'd expect to find myself, but I'm running out of options so I'll give it a shot, even if it makes me feel desperate! Also, not sure if the right forum, but I think its expert advice I need, so here it goes.

    Ok so basically, I've hit a dry spot and haven't closed a woman for over two months now. I just seemed to be getting the hang of things, and managed to get two different women in one week, which I would have thought impossible beforehand. Since then, I've k-closed a handful in nightclubs and bars and such (which isnt difficult given the steady supply of alchohol), but have gotten no further than that. I've even tried POF and Tinder, messaged HEAPS of girls, but only got one number, and she said she was busy when I said we should meet up. I've tried analysing what I'm doing wrong but can't think of anything. I'm losing motivation to go out and attempt to pickup, and its making me depressed.

    I don't use pre-set openers or anything, I just go with the flow as anything other than natural game seems too fake for my taste (maybe I should try something different?). I have good posture, speak loudly and clearly, am very fit, and present myself confidently, so I don't really know how I'm striking out so much. My roommate, whos the complete opposite of me, somehow manages to get at least two different women every single week, despite not possessing any of the things I would have thought women would be interested in.

    I think I'm going a little crazy with frustration here, not to mention embarrassed when the usual "weekend lays" topic comes up at work. I told myself on my 18th birthday, when I still had my V-plates, that I'd hit double digits by the time I was 21. I haven't managed that yet, and I don't have long! Could anyone give me any pointers on what I could be doing wrong, or rather, what I could do to get it right? (its happened for too long to be bad luck, right?)


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    Default Re: Two month dry spot, getting nowhere

    pick up really can be a numbers game. that is, the more girls you talk to, the more likely you'll get a lay.

    your problem is probably that you're only cold approaching.

    what I mean by this is simple. most of the girls I've slept with were not from cold approaches at the bar. instead they were girls who my female friends introduced me to.

    my biggest suggestion for you, would be to make some female friends and stay platonic with them. hang out with them and build lots of rapport with them. once they know you're a cool guy to hang out with, they will introduce their girlfriends to you, then all you have to do is have a good time with them and game the girlfriends.

    the secret a lot of pua's don't realize is that most girls who leave the bar with a guy, came their with that guy to begin with.

    the best way to capitalize on the bar scene is to take a group of female friends with you, and slip out with one of them you like after an hour or two.

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