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Thread: -Fellow PUAS i am in need of your expert advice

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    Default -Fellow PUAS i am in need of your expert advice

    Howdy Fellow PUAS,

    So here is my situation, bare with me; A month ago i had performed at my school (musician). This girl volunteering, who also attends my school, lets call her Jane, noticed me, and engaged in enticing eye contact my entire performance. During the end she attempted to talk to me however a man stole me away and wouldn't let me out of his conversation. She ended up talking to my girlfriend and at the point in which i was free i noticed her walking away.

    two weeks later, she makes a Soundcloud account (for those who don't know, this is a social media generally for underground musicians). she messages me saying who she is obsessed with my music, blah blah blah, i tell her ill burn her a cd. We meet up after my class, i hand her the cd and we end up chatting for a good 2 hours, i tell her i think she's kind and cool and id like to be her friend, and she was extremely happy about this. we exchanged number and we had set up a "friend" date for the following week - coffee and cigarettes

    so we hang out a couple times, there is more escalation between us and flirtation. She however, plays push and pull games - in person she is all pull, via text she is push. No Problem, i have a girlfriend and it doesn't bother me, i am able to push through her tests however she is growing cold, and i assume she is talking to friends and they're probably advising her against seeing a taken man, and possibly reinforcing her insecurities that i one day might do the same to her.

    -A Little Background information on Jane She is an extremely aggressive woman, after all she came after me, and although I'm dominant, I'm quite passive at the same time, so she probably finds my passivity comforting. she has daddy issues, daddy's been in control of her, her entire life-present. She likes to be in control, after she had gotten in touch with me, she had made me chase her, i assume this makes her feel wanted, and also comfortable that she has the power. Also, during our last hangout she had revealed to me that she had deleted my number "due to stresses of finals" but i know it was her reaction to when i told her i had a study date with my girlfriend. I went to her birthday bonfire and i overheard her cousin speaking to my friend about Jane and I, saying that i'm the guy who gazes into her eyes and she gazes into mine.

    The last time we hung out, we had amazing eye contact, sexual escalation and i was on top of my game, i was cocky witty, confident and quite a tease. i can tell she is attracted to me.

    the proof keeps piling up that she wants to be with me, however she's scared.

    As of now, i am on a break with my girlfriend, and i really want to bed Jane. the problem is, i don't want the drama of being with her, because i can tell she is a crazy girl. the conflict with my intentions however is that she revealed to me that she is waiting until marriage. now i don't know if i believe this, but its clear that she wants some sort of commitment, if she is to be intimate.

    another problem is, i had added the same class her (which she had suggested previously), stupidly, because i had developed oneitis for her during my break with my previous love.

    She saw me and was surprised, not in the good way, she was rather nervous and cold the entire class, and made me feel on edge. i was so anxious i could barely speak with her. towards the end of class, we talked a bit as we were leaving, i got stuck in my row because of some jack ass, but she ended up leaving with out me. didn't even wait, didn't even say bye. this really pissed me off.

    I've decided to drop the class, and i understand this will bring it to her attention that i was only in the class for one reason, but i believe the best bet will be too cut her off, and i know she will eventually be coming back.

    Previously i wanted to be with her, but its obvious she is insecure and plays games, and i don't need that drama. This is where you guys come in....I really just want to sleep with her, where do i go from here? and how do i react to her crawling back? i was thinking of just ignoring her

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    Default Re: -Fellow PUAS i am in need of your expert advice

    You're overthinking everything, buddy. Jane Doe over here isn't worth your time nor effort -she's shown nothing to deserve either . Hell, she's pretty much showing you why you shouldn't be with her.

    Personally, I don't like the crazy ones. Yeah, they're fun for a bit, but you don't need the drama. Stay aloof - no point in ignoring her because that makes you look childish. Don't initiate contact, but be friendly when you see her. If she does come crawling back, be direct and tell her you just want to sleep with her. You don't need to waste time playing games
    Always leave her better than you found her.

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