Yesterday I approached a HB9 and got her number then we had a chat for a few minutes. When I saw she was attracted I suggested an instant date and then took her to a wine bar for drinks! She were meant to see her friends but she cancelled on them to be with me! Then we went for a walk and afterwards I took her to my house! We ended up making out but when I was close to getting her laid she stopped and said she did not want to go further. She stayed for a bit and then she said she had to go. I texted her when she left and said that I had a good time with her and I looked forward to seeing her again. She replied "same here ". Today I texted her and suggested that she accompany me during my window shopping but she did not reply (8 hours so far). I have a feeling that I've given her a bad vibe or I've scared her off. Is there away to fix it and bring her back to the game?