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thank you guys! it is all great advice. definitely will be using most of it
Just discover your thread, here's some advice for you.

A good game means you are getting result, such as get a girl to move with you, set up & go on one-on-one date with her and get her number, get her to your home, getting intimate with her.

It will actually depending on which stage are you. Nowadays a good game for me is getting intimate with a girl and get her keep coming back for me.

Game skill is about getting result and that's not such thing that work for all girls. Even you are hyper-great, that's still some girls just won't fall for you. So go for those who fall for you and leave those who didn't

Good thing about convo...(oh remind me of my convo last time..) is you both can go to a party and be crazy about your graduation.

Hope this help
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