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    Default How to respond to a female when she's feeling down due to rejection?

    Hey PUA community, I am Passionae Thrill and I am new here - This is my first thread post / question and advice seeking post....Thank You all in advance for taking the time to read and reply to this thread.....
    I have a girl who I was once roommates with that I became friends with years ago while chasing her friend/ roommate. I ended up moving in with her and the other girl because she and I became such good friends right away and I eventually learned that she was attracted to me but too shy to say anything or show it. I found this out by landing the roommate I wanted, dating her while living with them both and one night, she (my girlfriend) expressed concern about my friendship with the girl I mentioned first. Long story short, we moved out and got our own place, now years later and having reconnected with my friend, I've developed the strongest attraction for her and have decided to pursue her but with longevity in mind, not just another hook up. She's displayed interest but I have not pushed anything to this point though I have made my feelings towards her known. She and I are still close but have begun the shift to talking sexually, flirting, using kino etc....but she still chases other men as I chase other women. Both for sexual reasons only and neither stick around these flings long. I'm no longer interested in just sex, I am ready for a long term relationship (with her preferably) and she has just been rejected by a guy she has been interested in for no more than a month now. As the norm, we chat daily and I have been purposely breaking report on the friend zone level to allow for the attraction to build and shift to the next stages but I am ever aware of my true love for her and want to comfort her as she is hurt by this guy blowing her off. The texts Ive received today are about how she was blown off by this guy, knows its what needs to take place because he already is seeing someone and she "needs off that train wreck anyway despite the fact it still stings" and have progressed through out the day to "and why do I have to be me? I hate everything..." I know she is looking for me to boost her self esteem by reminding her how fucking amazing I think she is and the like but I don't want to blow my chances of progressing to a new level in becoming the man she seeks for everything including sex. I do alright with women, I am an Alpha Male and what Id consider a natural due to my untaught ability to attract and hook up with women so I know this is both a test as well as a friend reaching out to a guy shes always been able to rely on for comfort so I'm asking for advice on how I should handle this. I've been studying The Game, Tao of BadAss, The Mystery Method, Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction, Pandora's Box as well as any PUA materials I come across for genuine interest reasons and a longing to understand not only women psychology but my own as well. So I respect your opinions and this is a first for me, I look forward to your thoughts. many Thanks,
    Best ~ PThrill

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    Default Re: How to respond to a female when she's feeling down due to rejection?

    Catch 22

    As a friend and interested party you do care, however, if you show it too much she will friend zone you fast.

    So make your comfort look like it isn't what it is.
    Learn to be a better person not a better player.

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