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    Default Be more like the text version of you?

    So guys,

    I just got back from a 1st date with a good solid HB7 and things went well, got some good kino in and got a solid k close but couldn't blast through that LMR so am back home with blue balls but a second date secured for Thursday night...

    Via text though she told me she really wanted to but didn't think it was right on a first date unless she just wanted a fling but doesn't... I've been honest with her from the get go that while I am looking for a girlfriend I'm not going to settle for someone just cause the come a long so there isn't a problem there.

    Only she also said next time be more like the text version of you though, he's more fun....

    I'm really not sure where the frack I went wrong here, Okay I was pretty nervous at first but felt I recovered well and behaved as I normally would in person and via text etc so am a bit stumped...

    Any idea's?

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    Default Re: Be more like the text version of you?

    Oh there's a lot of posts about this topic. Never create a persona of yourself via texting. If that's not you in real life. You can't text like a social king who got game but does the opposite in real life (basically practice what you preach ). If you're the really fun and interesting guy during text then be the same way in person.
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