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    Default How to identify and defend the bitch shield

    Hi guys,

    A lot of HBs come across as bitchy and snobby, especially if they are above 8, as you already know. Obviously sometimes they just have a bitch shield but I feel some other times they are just snobbish, stuck-up and bitchy. In that case, there is not much we can do I believe because it's not a barrier that we can bring down, it's just their nature.

    So my question is that how can I identify a bitch shield comparing to a natural bitch! It would help to save my time I suppose.

    The second question is that please help me with defending a HB's bitch shield during the day game. I normally can't tell who is a total bitch and who is just trying to filter the losers! And unfortunately my tolerance for stuck-up bitches is too low!

    Like today I approached a blonde HB10 who was at least 25cm taller than me! She was trying to come across as aloof but I engaged her in a conversation just to show her that she is not that special! At some point I felt I was making too much effort for her so I said "Are you always cold like this or you just like to come across as snobby?". She said she was not snobbish and she was just like that! And she added that she was not interested in talking to me, when I said she was just so lucky that day to get the opportunity of talking to me! ;-)

    Of course we go out to game and have fun but bitches like this can ruin it. Therefore I need to learn how to tell who is a bitch and who has a bitch shield on.


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    Default Re: How to identify and defend the bitch shield

    Well I'd say you did pretty good. After you broke her shield, she opened up. You really can't say if a girl is a b!tch unless you have an interaction... Not just you trying to open her.

    I have pretty good times with women who others condsider a b!tch so I don't label anymore. She's open to being with you right now or she's not. Just game and see what happens. Her approval means nothing to you.
    Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.
    Oscar Wilde

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