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    Default line between keeping SKILLS sharp & loyalty

    the fields are bolded and you skip around if you want the direct point.

    if you're with someone, is it right to keep your game sharp by continuing to PU or should you stop.?

    there may be a time when u found a loyal, fun, and smart girl. a girl who lets you have your way, who doesn't whine, an easy-girl. BUT, after a while, the perfect girl may not be the so fulfilling. so what then.??

    i have read and tested - and feel seasoned... this post will be a good debate for more seasoned PUAs and those who's goal it is to settle and not play.

    MY 2cents
    DO NOT PLAY argument
    1) when making decisions in life - ask urself the golden question, "what would you do" and do it... it's a part of being a man - u must live by an unwavering code (not easy).

    2) the image of the woman in your mind may never be achieved. beauty, wealth, excitement, do not always win out with loyalty and easy-going.

    3) if you feel that you need to continue to PLAY despite previously deciding that you are in it to SETTLE, than you should question your motive, because:
    A) you may "consciously" not be satisfied
    B) are searching for validation - "low self esteem"

    4) if you're attached and you PLAY, you will eventually FALL. my ex (alpha female) taught me one thing, do not ever put urself in a situation where you can be tempted, because something will happen. you will lost your girl, and your own personal morales.

    1) finding the best means not settling. even my own father (i'm 36 he's 54) says do not settle.... LOL - the older generation should know more, right.? ask your dads.

    2) as a younger man, i had the idea that each of my GFs were special, just because they were my GF... but some argue that this mode of thought stifles you from continuing to learn about what you want.

    3) the insurance policy argument... because every guy who leaves a long relationship can get RUSTY.!!! she'll be alright, you won't.

    4) if you're with an ALPHA FEMALE, you will need all your knowledge to just keep up with her.... good luck dealing with those. >.<

    after a while of PUA, i think many guys will come to the conclusion that it becomes a natural part of them. i mean, it is truly a great tool to get on the same "social" level that is given to women "naturally".

    as PUA becomes a PART of your personality, i believe it's better to spend a couple of years "not settling" at all - no matter what.!!!!! you will find it hard once women "sell" their finest points to you.

    but i think sooner or later you'll be able to get tired of it... i know i am. so then you should be able to decide to play for just one (or go back - make sure u didn't burn that bridge though).

    thoughts, comments.?? let me know if you think i'm dead wrong... forums are where we learn --- just as every girl will teach you something.^^
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