This girl from work I've been fooling around with for a few months has been hinting at dating for a while. I haven't really been considering it though. Not my kind of girl but great body for a go a few times a week. She's not trustworthy IMO.

I went to a party some girl from work was having at work, and it was pretty late (3am). Saw her being really close with him at this party. No kissing but who knows what I missed. Could tell she was very conflicted by it, yet the brief moment he sat beside me and called her over, she hesitantly came and sat on both of our laps. I was thinking, "is this girl for real?", and left to go talk to some other people.

The thing is, out of sight out of mind is worth something. The fact that I've seen this now just totally leaves a poor image of her in my mind that I won't be able to shake. I know myself.

I am not concerned/upset the least bit, but just confused as to what my next step should be. She wanted me to drive her home (with benefits) to which I answered that she should take a cab.

Should I ditch this girl now? I feel like it was just enough disrespect that I need to cut the cord on this one permanently, regardless of the relationship status.