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    Default Trying to move on from this girl...

    Long story short, I was really digging this girl, we were pretty close, but I think she lost interest in me - turned me down when I asked her to join me for tea (we've had tea several times), and for a local event in the area, and I noticed her demeanor was a little cold.

    After that point, I froze her out, stopped all contact - didn't call her or send any messages for about a week and a half. I usually hang out in the commons area in my dorm, and that's where we occasionally see each other; over the course of the week and a half, I didn't see her even once.

    But since last night, she's come by the commons, approached and talked to me - normally I would've been happy, but since my rejection 2 weeks ago, I resolved to move on; I thought I was done with this girl, learned from whatever mistakes I made, and was ready to game other women. But now, I think she's roped me back in. I think she's really awesome and super cute, but I really gave it my all to move on, and now I'm back in the same pit I was 2 weeks ago : |

    Sorry to use the forums in such a wussy way >__>, but I'm really not sure what to do with this girl. Objectively, I think it's best to forget her and move on, as I really don't things will work out, but I feel like I'll regret it a ton if I don't try to keep things going with her.

    Have any of y'all been in this kind of situation? If so, what did y'all do?

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    Default Re: Trying to move on from this girl...

    Same is happening with me. I picked up this girl, and she friendzoned me, but i always freezes her out, and she comes back to me in the next day.

    Since she wants SO MUCH to be my friend, iīm thinking in using her when sarging other girls. Iīd go with her, meet the girl and kiss, goodbye! Also itīs a good option, since she would start thinking: Why didnīt i stayed with this guy? Everyone likes him!

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    Default Re: Trying to move on from this girl...

    Don't act like it's her that came to you and caused you to fall in love with her. It's actually you who created the attraction in HER mind, now she's attracted to YOU.

    You are the man. Look how you've caused her to like you. You know exactly what you're doing, and you do it well.

    You lead the way for her to feel this way, now you continue to lead her on a journey. LEADING being the key word. "Hey meet me here tomorrow for coffee". "Are you going to be free tomorrow? I'm going to Johnny's Burger's for lunch so you should join me!". Create these moments that cause you too look like a guy who's constantly on the go and she should come on for the ride while she has the chance.
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