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    Default Cut ties with fuck buddy. Good call?

    I went to a baseball game with coworkers, and later in the day my work fling kissed me. I smacked her ass as she was leaving. She texted me to pick her up because she wanted to stay at my place and have some fun. I told her it wasn't a good idea since she did some stuff at a party Friday that was a big eye opener for me. We're not dating but being physical with another guy while I'm at the same party merits complete cut off IMO. It felt disrespectful, especially since she tried to justify it.

    No where did I get an apology. Instead there was a 10:1 text ratio of her blaming me for everything in the world while I just said "I can't trust you" in a few different ways. After all, she was trying to date me.

    As much as my dick said "just fuck this girl again", I really think I had to cut my ties with such a delusional drama queen, and so I did.

    Have any of you guys had to cut ties with a "fuck buddy" for her ridiculous actions, despite what your dick told you? What justifies cutting ties with a "fuck buddy"?

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    Default Re: Cut ties with fuck buddy. Good call?

    Well that's the whole thing about fark buddies. They are for farking. So you aren't supposed to get invested in who she does stuff with. I mean, you aren't in a relationship. You and her can both screw others without worrying. It sounds like you are being a touch needy. You probably like this girl more than you realize. So maybe that's the issue. Fark buddies are not attached to each other.

    That being said, if she bangs a ton of dudes, you may just want to not be with her out of safety. Safety against disease, jealous boyfriends etc... But that means you just let her be or keep her as a friend or pivot. Calling her out on bad behavior when she is not your girlfriend is AFC.
    Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.
    Oscar Wilde

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