I have a best friend that I've been friends with since I was three years old. The last 8 months he's been REALLY sick. In December he had a fever of over 100 for two weeks straight. He went to the hospital and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. I went and visited him. I asked him "did they check you for std's"? He responded "Yes I'm all good on that front, but I was worried. I've had unprotected sex with 5 girls the last year". I was relieved but I told him he shouldn't do that.

Fast forward until today. He's been having health trouble since then. Yesterday he went back to the hospital. They finally found out what was wrong with him. He has HIV. He must have gotten it sometime this fall and they couldn't detect it the first time he was tested. He's a heterosexual and has NEVER had sexual contact with a guy!

He has a girlfriend too. He hasn't told her yet because she has finals this week and he wants her to do well. It's very likely she contracted HIV also.

This isn't a joke! Be careful! Banging some chick isn't worth your life. It can happen to you too! Your not immune! Wear a f'ing condom!

This brings me to another point. Is the trouble your having with some chick REALLY that important? Is it really THAT bad? No it's not. It's nothing compared to YOUR well being and the well being of your family and friends. This chick isn't SHIT in the big scheme of things. Remember that the next time you feel "down" because of some girl. In the big scheme of things she means nothing.

Be safe guys!