So in my school there is only a handful of HBs and throughout the school year I talked to them individually, I haven't clicked with one yet because of the amount of time I have to talk with them between classes. but I know they enjoy my company and feel comfortable around me.

Turns out that a majority of the girls I tried to escalate on are all in my last period class. Which puts me in the position of "who do I talk to? THEY'RE ALL HOT!!" And of course if I talk to one then I assume the others will catch on and immediately filter me out framing me as a guy who talks to multiple women (which I do) but in a girls perspective they might not like that since they won't feel special

So in the end it's difficult to escalate in class because the fear of the teacher pointing it out or making a HB feel uncomfortable in that environment. I need recommendations guys.. Should I just pick one and stick with that one or should I just not game any HB in that class at all