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    Default How Would You Deal With This?

    Been dating a girl for 3 weeks, she's a plate.

    We've had sex several times. Last saw her on Sunday.

    I texted her on Tuesday afternoon asking her if she wanted to hang later at night (after I dated my other plate - ha.) She said "Text me when youre done . At present moment Im not feeling too great, otherwise I want to say yes!" (I told her i was having drinks with friend.

    I texted her at 10pm no reply... then texted "Booo youre asleep". She replied "I was asleep, sorry!" And then "Goodnight handsome"

    So Thursday I asked her to go out tonight (Fri) After a warm up

    SHE SAID: Tomorrow begins my end of month crunch. not sure of timeline or energy levels, but i'd love too! (if not manana, then soon!)
    ME: Ahh I see just let me know
    HER: I sure will
    HER: (Two hours later) - just want to say Hi

    So My q is HOW DO I PLAY THIS? If she texts me at like... after 5pm today should I tell her I already have plans.

    If she doesn't text me at all, should I not text at all? I think it might look weak if I'm on standby for Friday... And kinda dumb she doesn't say either way the night before.


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    Default Re: How Would You Deal With This?

    Back off on asking her to "hang out" a bit as she has a lot going on right now and can't make it. You are allowing the attraction to dwindle a bit, give it a bit to see if she initiates contact then go into fun and flirty mode slowly ramping back up to get the attraction going. You are allowing things to get a little monotonous and boring...never quit gaming a girl even if you have already slept with her.
    KISS - Keep it Stupid Simple

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