Here's a pickle I haven't found myself in before.

There is a girl I went to high school with, well..she's still pretty damn cute. She used to be fat, but shed all the pounds and now looks fantastic. She sent me a friend request on facebook a long time ago and I've now gotten to the point where I'm interested in approaching her, but our only contact is facebook which I have never used for a cold approach pickup in such a way.

My original plan was to follow her quietly on facebook, see what social activity she was doing that night or weekend and "just happen" to be there, but every time something went wrong. Most of the time she would post on her status she was going to be one place, but then ends up at another place far away, or decides to stay in.

Well, the one time things did work out.. she came to a show in a band I play in. She brought a date! So our conversation was mostly civil "Hey good see you, glad things are good.. etc" as she was obviously into the guy she was with that night, playing the AMOG wasn't in the cards.

I guess things worked out for her that night but a few weeks later she was posting all the typical things of a woman who got pumped for a few weeks and then dumped. The usual wall posts implying her love life sucks, all the usual women flooding in to show support, etc. So now I know she's single again, but I'm at a loss as to how I can approach her through facebook without coming off as creepy or wierd. Because we don't interact socially except for the occasional brush at a venue.. I'm kinda curious as to how I should approach this.

Any adivce would be helpful.