I've been doing this for nearly a year and find there are multiple types of girls, some i do great with, while others I feel like its going great, then it takes a path which i'm not quick enough to react to and need some thoughts.

42 yr old Male. For me, good signs are getting a girl in my age range comfortable enough to send me pics before we've even met. Starts off tame and a little sexual banter can sometimes get more. Its never failed me of sending a pic after a workout and getting a good pic in return.

Sunday, first date with Kelley. Met online, txt for 2 weeks, had her sending me pics including Sat while she was laying out in the sun, lots of good banter. In person this girl was a HB10 38 yrs old and looked 25, the hottest girl I've gone out with in a year, everyone was looking at her in the place. She lived in my hometown a couple hrs away. We met at a brewpub, had a lot of beers and talked for over 5 hrs. Everything seemed to be going great, got a good buzz, we knew a lot of the same people so conversation flowed. She touched me when talking, and i reciprocated. We talked about going somewhere else, decided maybe her place as her kids were gone. She got a txt that her kids were heading back home, they are teens, and we just decided to wrap up. As we depart and are lingering by her car, i mention second date, she says ok and to txt her. BUT i get a side hug, usually i would at least get a kiss and a nice long hug. We exchanged the routine after date txts of had a great time a few hrs later.

That side hug threw me so much as that has always been a bad sign. I'm feeling all beta and second guessing. Was she just being nice, how do i turn this around? Part of it, she was so hot...if she wasn't i wouldn't care as much....