So I'm very imaginative. When I sit down next to a girl, we've already met, dated and are deep in a ltr. We already know our quirks and habits, all the hidden and unhidden secrets and such, so much so that I really don't have much to talk about. I start off like any couple would settling down and ask her about her day or how she slept. But it doesn't go very far and I feel like this technique that's suppose to build comfort is making the whole set super boring
So, I've been out in the field for a few weeks and I know that if I don't assume some sort of rapport that my approach anxiety is way too much. So I've been progressively uping the scenarios of rapport I assume. I guess starting out, I just assumed that the more rapport you assume the better. And I feel like that's true to an extent if you meet a girl with chemistry akin to your future wife, where the chemistry never fades throughout, but with every other girl its kind of dull.

So I want to ask the experts, am I just not using this tool correctly? Can you build attraction by just talking about daily stuff? Or should I just lower my rapport? I'm thinking "we hooked up at a party once but I don't even know her name" rapport