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    Default What would you do in my place?

    A year ago I met a cute coworker girl, she likes me a lot (I know I must play with other girls), in the beginning I was a wussy (It hurts me but I admit that, is true) I ask her out several times but she always gave to me an excuse, in that time she had a BF but they broke up the last year, so I try to hang out with she again, but always with the same outcome, Tired of that $h1t I found a David De Angelo books, those helped to me a lot, now I play hard with this girls, I tease her, I have cocky and funny attitude, almost like 5 mounts, but now I have a problem, she is dating with a foreign guy (American guy) “We are from Colombia” I know because she put pictures with this guy but nothing to worry, only a picture on his birthday sitting at his feet , when I see this, the next day I went to a bar and I met a cute German girl I took a picture with she and her girlfriend and I posted that pic in facebook, I guess she(coworker girl ) saw that pic because the next day she never stop to looking at me, on the sly, but I notice that, and still play hard with a good attitude, good corporal language etc.. like David say in his books, this week, she ask me two times to take a breakfast with she in the work, I told her that I was busy, but yesterday I ask to her to come with me to take a breakfast, she accept!, in that time she ask me to go out to ride on bicycle because she bought one and she knows that I like to ride in Bicycle the weekends , I told her that I’m going to be busy (You know playing hard) but I need help with this:

    I don´t know if this guy is her BF now I just want to ask her looking at her eyes, very confident and direct question “do you have a boyfriend” you know what I mean!

    Her Birthday is in two days, I don´t know what to do if I give her a handcraft gift, buy something cheap but cute or a simple gift like a little chocolate or I don’t give her anything

    Help Guys I need you Advice, sorry for the long text, excuse my English
    I will be very grateful to you and wish the best things for yourselves
    Yes I know I have onetitis and is the worst

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    Default Re: What would you do in my place?

    you english isn't bad. understandable.

    act like he doesn't exist OR that he's on your level. if you haven't asked about him already--i wouldn't unless you decide to start working in some kino with her. how is your rapport with her? does she give you any IOI's? i'm not a PUA all star but i'd say that if you can give her small challenges and be different than most guys by making her laugh, i think all you have to do right now is build on making a deeper rapport with her. just remember body language will always help you read her.

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