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Thread: What to do when a girl invites you?

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    Default What to do when a girl invites you?


    Have you ever been in this situation where the girl takes the initiative and invites to event/concerts/parties?

    I have had it once in the past and I screwed up bad. I have now met a girl that is the same. We met at a party and one day later she writes me to invite me to her own bday party. I couldn't go, so I politely declined.

    The next 2 times, I initiated the date, but yesterday she wrote again to invite me to some exhibition. I had other plans again, so I declined.

    1) My issue is how I am supposed to react in these type of situations. If I accept, I might look too eager and needy. If I don't accept, she might feel humiliated for being turned down.

    In principle, I try to accept 1 out of 3 invitations (sounds like a compromise to me) and I take the lead for the other dates, as a means to compensate/reward her for the missed opportunity.
    What do you guys think?

    2) Also, I think I kind screwed up with the second girl as well. I told her I had to meet some friends and left it at that. In the middle of the afternoon, she wrote me to tell me the exhibition was fun.

    I thought of "rewarding" her for thinking about me, so I texted back.We then exchanged another 4-5 sms, and she then asked if she could join us at the park.
    We were not at the park anymore and I had a date coming up, so I simply told her we were leaving and that I was going to a dinner.
    I doubt she bought it and she didn't reply.

    I don't really care about the girl in question but I am trying to analyse my mistake. I guess I should have not answered her in the first place. I also gave out too much information.
    I suspect I acted too needy by replying her. Do you guys agree?

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    Default Re: What to do when a girl invites you?

    I've had LOTS of girls invite me to events / activities... and I accepted & went.

    My replies were like, "Wow, that sounds pretty badass! I'm thinking I could be talked into that without too much persuasion on your part... but you have to promise me one thing..."

    SO, what do you think HER reaction was?

    If you guessed "curious".. you are correct!
    Curiosity = attraction.

    She messaged back something like "What do I have to promise?"

    My reply was along the lines of "You have to promise that you & I will always be partners in crime when it comes to this sort of thing... and you have to buy me a lemonade. I like lemonade... or margaritas... I'm cool with that too. "

    It was basically a way of building anticipation & making her laugh, which is ALWAYS gonna begin to build more attraction.

    I didn't come off as "needy" or "eager"... I just simply accepted her invitation & did it in a fun, playful way.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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    Default Re: What to do when a girl invites you?

    i agree with T-Mal.

    also, invitations are ok to accept if you're up for them. i don't think it matters how many you accept. i think it's more important you show up because you want to show up. indulge when you're looking to have a good time. stand up to your principals as a person--don't just have rules to have rules. have rules because you have your lessons learned.

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