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    Default Workplace pua...funny shit

    So I have the hots for a coworker, but I'm not going to do anything too sexual, implied or undercover at work until she shows me that she is cool about it.
    I wanted to find out her relationship status with out being a chump and asking her, so I googled her. What I found was an open book. She gave me everything I wanted to know. This thing is perfect. It's called where you can ask any body with a profile anything anonymously. Her facebook wall is flooded with things she is already answered before on this thing. I couldnt believe it. So I couldnt resist. I threw a cocky/funny opener at her with it. At this point she doesnt know it's me. She replied immediately, laughing. Kind of got shit tested with a "what?". An hr later, I say something else to her. She doesn't respond. I think she was so thrown back by what I said, that it's possible shes thinking it's me and doesnt know how to react. Theres a million reasons why she didnt respond to the 2nd one.
    Oh well. It wasnt nasty or anything like that.

    My question is, if she subtly brings this up at work to try and figure out if it was me, should I just act like I dont know what the hell she is talking about and laugh it off? If I fess up to it right away, then shell know I googled her, hit on her online with some goofy ass stuff, and waited for a response.

    Really, what I was doing was getting a gauge for her personality so I would have a better idea of how to handle her at work.
    Any ideas? Any ideas on this, or anything related to pua workplace game? any stories? p.s. i dont care, they say you shouldnt mess around at work yada yada, im havin my cake. so what.

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    Default Re: Workplace pua...funny shit

    2 solutions, you pick...

    1.. Tell her, now the game gets interesting...
    2.. Dont tell her, she might not care because she might have 20 guys hollering at her

    You need to stop chickening out if you're gonna flirt. Dont google your way to know everything about her. Talk to her!! Thats what you have eyes, ears and a mouth!!!!
    Every moment counts, get out of your head and enjoy it.

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