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Thread: An AFC's journey to becoming a PUA

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    Default An AFC's journey to becoming a PUA

    Hey guys! its been a few months sense my last post dealing with a HB9 at work. Sad to say i didnt get to fuck that girl but i got tired of her games, T-Mal was definitely right on this girl she was playing me, lol anyways i told her straight up, after i tried to get the K-close (for the 3rd time) and was shot down, that im done playing games. this was last month and i haven't texted her again. since then shes quit but she still comes in to the store on occasion and lol still flirts with me but like i said im done trying to fuck her.

    Anyways back to my main story there's another girl i work with, a shy 7, that i think has real girlfriend potential. however she's had a boyfriend since she started working there, lol that didnt stop me from flirting and being the fun guy at work with her but i didnt make a move. then last week she broke up with her boyfriend and when i come in to work and i say hi to her she immediately tells me that they broke up, I jump for in my head of course, and begin running real game. honestly ive known she liked me from the start but her having a boyfriend always stopped me from making a move, not because i was scared but because i wouldn't feel right morally ruining a relationship. well that night a number closes me through facebook, we became fb friends after SHE asked me to send her a request.

    Since then i've been running boyfriend destroyer to make sure she doesnt get back with him, and running tight text and face-to-face game. anyways ive found out so much about this girl, some stuff might have scared away the average pua, like the fact shes struggled with depression since she was 4. she told me she was sad and wanted to get over her last relationship and i told her what basically every pua book and every pua has told me, that the key to being happy and healthy is to just have fun and not care what anyone else thinks. lol anyways i digress, yesterday i took her to an arboretum around where i live, because shes never really been anywhere in the city we live, lol she doesn't do much but stay home and play video games, so im trying to get her out her house to have more fun. that day we talk and we walk and we sit and hangout, it was a very chill unofficial first date. that same night we go back to her house play some beer pong and we just have tons of fun. after that game we go back to her room and i suggest a massage because she seemed real tense. one thing leads to another, lo and behold i got my first f-close since starting my journey to be a mpua!!

    i just wanted to take a second to thank everyone that's given me advice and helped me on my journey. Thank you guys your the best!

    lol now to the reason why i put this in the ask an expert section. so in my previous thread i discussed how i can last longer and how i though i'd cum relatively quickly. but i found that that wasnt the case at all. i farked this girl for damn near 2 hours straight and didn't cum at all. we stopped because we where both very tired and i had to catch the last bus to get back home. but dont get me wrong it was very pleasurable but i just didnt get the urge to cum, i used an ultra ribbed trojan so maybe that was a factor, i think next time ill try the ultra sensitives and see how that works. let me know what you guys think. is this something you've dealt with?

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    Default Re: An AFC's journey to becoming a PUA

    Sometimes raw dawg helps to blow your load hahaha jk
    Every moment counts, get out of your head and enjoy it.

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