Tomorrow I get an excuse to see the hottest girl I have seen in a minute. We work together, (yeah I know dont care), and I get to go in while she is working and have a brief meeting with our manager.
It's friday. I would like to extract her from the workplace after her shift, and we just met like two days ago. Our interaction tomorrow will be limited to just a few minutes if that, and then I wont get to see her for another week unless she hangs tonight. We just met, so Im not sure how to go about:
a) getting her out with out being the weird/needy guy at work she just met
b) show her that I am fun and cool, that I have fun plans later, and get her to invite me to what shes doing later.

What are some suggestions for fast game, (3 minutes or less)?
Any hot stories that resulted from fast game? Hit me up.

PS Here are some things I have to my advantage right now:
-We both smoke pot (she doesnt know I know haha)
-I'm a music producer who produces the music she likes
haha actually, she previously complained to me about not wanting to be "that girl" in the rap song that is talked filthy/disrespectful about, but she likes the sexy lyrics. she rapped dirty to me the first day we met for like an hr...this weekend I talked about her indirectly in one of the the rap songs we just cut lol but it's not too obvious...and it's very subtle, not disrespectful, but hot fun and high energy...I have it on my ipod...thinking about indirectly working the cut into the backroom speakers at some point but not right away...i have no plans to tell her, but it could be hot for her to hear it and wonder...shes attracted to me it could escelate things if done correctly. anyway, any suggestions would be stellar. Thanks!