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    Default Daygame at Night on busy club street

    So I'm pretty comfortable with Daygame, during the day. I don't really do much different at night.

    I've found myself is the same situation twice now and want to do the right thing next time.

    Here's what happened both times. There is this strip of bars/clubs which has a lot of foot traffic. Perfect place to game on the streets. So I approach a group of 3 girls on a Sat. night. I go direct with my target. Tried to stretch out the interaction to get to comfort but they were on there way to another club and my wingman chickened out because they were all 9's and 10's. So I juggled all 3, did well. I could feel that the friends wanted to go to the club as I made my intention clear to the target. So I suggested that we possibly meet up later, number close and go about my way. I had no intention of hanging out with them, just wanted the number so I could get to know her on the phone instead of that night and then go on a normal date.

    Option A- So, ideally it would be great if I could have hooked her on the spot, but the friends were the obstacle. Solution; find a wingman with bigger balls.

    Option B - text her that night and try to get her and her friends to meet up with me at another bar which was actually there suggestion.

    Option C - I don't know if this is a good option, but go and join them at what club they are at, also was there suggestion.

    So I turn this over to the experts. What should I have done?

    P.S. in both instances I received no responses the following day which is why I must abandon this method. The numbers were both real and confirmed through what's app.
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    Default Re: Daygame at Night on busy club street

    Option C. But you should have been going with them. You'll know when your at a hooking point and the girls are down with you tagging along. The next time they say "let's go to the club" ask which one and suggest you all go, and be more eager to do so than they are. Whether or not they respond positively is really up to how well you played before that point.

    I really don't think you need be concerned with the phone number. Definitely props for opening a 3 set of 9s and 10s but it sounded like you faltered somewhere in the interaction and she gave you the number out of social politeness. Try staying interacted with the friends next time. They may have invited you with them to the club, than you can isolate conversation with your target there. Singling out a girl in a group situation only makes it awkward for her, and annoying for her friends.

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