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    Default So I might have screwed things up...

    Hello guys!
    I've known this girl for about a year now due to us having similar classes together.

    I have heard she is into me but I never paid much attention because she has a very bipolar attitude and so it often confused me whether she was into me or not.

    Recently though I've been attracted by her good looks and personality and so I decided to talk to her more. I got her number, we texted and I became more attracted to her as time went by.
    Today I decided to step it up and I told her that me and her were going to hang out at the park, and we did.
    Everything went swell, we had lots to talk about and there were only a few awkward silences where she would say "haha, say something!" and I would come up with a story, make her laugh, then she would do the same.

    It was getting cold outside and she had no jacket, just a top. I told her to get closer and I put my arms around her for warmth and I grabbed her hands and I closed my hands with hers. She would lay on my shoulder while we talk, she would look up to the sky and our cheeks would touch. I would place my hand on her waist, on her thighs, and she would let me. She even took a few pictures of us together and one including us holding our hands crossed together and sent it to one of her closest friends as a "joke." Moments later her mom calls and I say "You and your mom have the same name?" And she said "YES!? Didn't you listen when I said it?" And she let go of my hand but I assume she quickly forgot about it (I guess the cold got to me there as I did not remember she told me that right before her mom called haha).

    Before we sat down and did all of this, I said "Are you good at whispering in peoples ears?" She said "No, why?" I said "Lemme start first" She said "Nooo, that's weird" I put my hands on her cheeks but she wouldn't let me and I jokingly say "come here!" In a playful tone of voice as she pulled her head away, I let go and instantly change the topic as we cross the street and as a car approaches, I tell her to slow down since she is rushing to get to the other side (she is very paranoid about this stuff due to something personal she told me).
    She laughs, I cross the street, and then we walk to sit down.

    She tells me she has a surprise for me for our senior prom and I tell her I have a surprise for her too. She is eager to know what it is and I refused to tell her, she begs and begs and I say "Do you want to kiss me?" She says "No because you won't tell me" (I assumed she knew the surprise already because of her response and body language) I say "I didn't say I would let you, you seemed to have something on your mind haha."

    She keeps begging and telling me that we only have a few minutes until we have to depart and I tell her "I can't tell you but I can show you"
    I try to take her glasses off gently and she slowly resists then pulls away
    "Now I have a sense of what your surprise is for prom" she tells me.

    We get up and she walks me to the train station and I put my hand on her waist for about 5 seconds until I notice she is walking away slowly to the left (I was to her right) so I would have to let go due to distance, and she instantly walks really close to me that our sides are bumping into each other and then she suddenly grabs my arm and crosses it with hers.

    She continues to ask me and ask me and I tell her to be patient.
    She asks me if it is because I am afraid of her response, her rejection, her reaction, etc. I tell her no, that I am not afraid of anything, "I'm spiderman" I say (inside joke haha). She joked around saying, "what if I get kidnapped, then you won't be able to tell me!"

    We stop at the train station, she says she is mad at me and I say that she looks so cute when she's mad and we part ways, before we do though I say "hey!" she looks back and I stick my tongue out her and she does also with a scowl haha.

    I text her 15 minutes after I get home and ask her if she got kidnapped and the texting goes quite well actually.
    Her: "Nope, I'm still mad at you -.-, did you get home?" (after the kidnapped text)
    Me: "Good , and yup, ready to swing the stick!"
    Her: "Tell me, you're not fair! and I'm not!
    Me: "Love how impatient you are "
    Her: "I'm going to become very impatient Spider-Man "
    and after a few texts here and there it ends with
    Her: "Night Spider-Man "sleeping emoji", I need to get that beauty sleep back! haha" (We slept at around 4am texting each other the day before)
    Me: "Good night early bird :*"

    As you can see from her responses, I don't think I screwed things up with her but I FEEL like I did. Can I get some opinions on this? I am going to ask this girl to be mine, but I want to do it after our senior prom lol. Though I don't want to drive her away either (even though Prom is 4 days away). I also made lots of sexual innuendo that she laughed at and would just lightly hit me on my arm or push me.
    I am sure that if I asked her to be my girlfriend there, she would have said yes. Now I feel as if she thinks I don't want her? And that I am driving her away more than keeping her wanting more D: .

    I would also like to add that she told me she does not kiss on the lips unless she is dating that person..

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    Default Re: So I might have screwed things up...

    Stop over thinking. Your fine.
    Every moment counts, get out of your head and enjoy it.

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